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If you need help planning a trip to San Ignacio Lagoon, this is the place to start.

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur

The best place on earth to get close enough to touch these friendly, curious animals in their own environment.
Unforgettable! Touching an adult grey whale, barnacles and all
Local guide in tour boat
Local fishermen work as guides from January to April. They are available to take your group out on the lagoon in "pangas" (Mexican fishing boats). During these trips visitors are often surrounded by grey whales of all ages and sizes.
Some whales will surface very near your boat, close enough to touch, as shown in the photos on this page and elsewhere in the site. Often, many other whales can be seen in the distance spy hopping, and occasionally breaching (leaping nearly completely out of the water).
Eye-to-eye: an unforgettable encounter. This baby is safely perched on mom's back
People of all ages make the trip to the lagoon every spring, and this website offers travel tips, advice to assist you with planning your own trip, and links to related websites. This is the place to start if you want information on travelling independently, or prefer to make arrangements with local guides who provide transportation, food, education and equipment.

However you choose to travel, getting close to the whales in San Ignacio lagoon will be an experience you'll never forget. Please visit the Links page to find out more about travelling to San Ignacio, and also what you can do to protect this place for future visitors to enjoy.

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